Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C Clarke

So our old A70 Canon died a year or so ago, and I put it to one side in my F.O.D pile.

Hmmm, let me explain.

Fix Or Destroy

I once read a wonderful article saying you should never throw anything out without first finding a kid and pulling it apart with them

It’s an amazing way for kids to learn. And they learn things that no one could ever explain to them.

Not just how washing machines or microwaves work, but also skills that can’t be ‘taught’ like the logical thought processes around building and fixing items, or the creative process of working out what each element might do and why exactly it is put together in that arrangement.

We don’t actually have kids, but there is one thing that’s always bugged me about the article – why was it limited to kids?

It seemed to make the assumption that adults already know how things work?

We don’t – it’s all just like magic.

So I never throw out anything without first putting it in the FOD pile

I’m always amazed at how much of the stuff actually ends up in the fixed category

but even those that don’t I have fun with.

Anyway, if you made it this far, you’re probably wondering what this is?

After a year on I finally ripped apart the camera… believe it or not it’s the sensor our of the old point and shoot

This little thing is what captures the world every time you press the shutter this little device is what does the seeing.

It’s tiny

Not what I expected to find at all.

Actually the most enjoyable part of the camera was actually the amazing view finder mechanism. It zooms and focuses with precision all with a tiny set of motors and springs.