A day in September I picked up the camera around midnight, downloaded, edited and uploaded to a interesting looking corner of the interweb.

By the time I was done, it was late… S1 called out asking if I was ever coming to be or if she should turn off the light.

In the last 1000 days, that same conversation has been repeated more times than I ever imagined.

A couple of times in the last 1000 days I thought about stopping. One night I even decided the this was it, but 10pm the next night rolled around and I had the camera back in hand ‘just in case I changed my mind’… a few nights later, when Sarah turned off the upstairs light again I realised this was an ‘addiction’ and not just a hobby.

It’s not the photos that make this place so addictive, it’s the interactions with people online and off line that make it special. So for my 1000 I would like to say thankyou to everyone – you all make this place what it is in your own little way.

I have enjoyed watching people grow and change over the last 1000 days, and there is so many people I have ‘stalked’ so closely I feel almost like I know them. Barking, 42, Sp33dway, mooncoin, Bri, G, David77, pixelsmith and of course Joe to name only a few.

Likewise, my own real world stalkers (from my parents, brothers and S1’s extended family right through to our local Chinese store owners and workmates) really make this posting online ‘virtual experience’ something that becomes very real and enjoyable.

It also wouldn’t be a thank-you blip if I didn’t thank my lovely S1. She is so patient and encouraging – I wouldn’t be at this milestone without her.

It is this magic of the real world meets the virtual world that makes this place so special.

Huge thanks to Joe, and the Blipcental crew. There is no doubting that Joe’s original idea was inspired, however the execution and daily effort that goes behind the site and developments really makes this place something special.

With all that said and done.

I think I’m going to take a short break now.

Don’t panic, I’ll be back. And knowing how this addiction works I’ll probably even have a complete set of backblips to post when I do return… but it’s a good time for me for a short break…

See you on the other side.