The phones just gone dead to New Zealand.

all we heard on the other end was an ‘oh no’…

another shake large enough to take out the phones.

With earthquakes tearing apart my ‘home’ 1/2 a world away, I’ve found myself wondering why am I over here.

What makes this place home?

I suppose it comes down to, what would I miss if I ever moved from here?

My morning commute through farmland.

It’s 6am.

The local geese are heading south as the sun rises through the autumn mist.

The cry of a Kite circling somewhere through the mist contrasts the still dewy grass beneath me.

This closeness to nature that comes with living in an English village is something truly special.

With half of the worlds population living in cities for the first time in history, it’s easy to forget how lucky we are.

As much as I want to be home to help out loved ones, right now, right here, this English village is my new home

and I wouldn’t give up for anything.