A ‘big’ day today – started with big numbers when I looked at blip and saw that 300 blippers had looked at this and 90 had left comments – WOW that is a big number for me 🙂

Then we had big tremors during the day – several around 4.0 magnitude, but a 5.0 was the 10th largest we have had. It caused shops to close to restock their shelves, buildings were closed for reassessment by engineers, and the crew who were inside the first “skyscraper” built in christchurch (now being readied for demolition) must have been scared witless as it is very unstable. There has been more minor damage around the city and quite a bit of liquifaction has started again 🙁

But for me the biggest thing was this sky – it was too good a day to be inside so I found a sheltered spot in my garden to do my boring 6 monthly coding of accounts ………… but was hugely distracted by this stunning sky which kept taunting me to grab my camera for maybe a better shot ………….. or 8, which I have merged 🙂