Met hpx for coffee at Kawa (best coffee in Christchurch) then to Taylors Mistake to experiment with glass smeared with vaseline.

Very quiet over there as there was no surf, but there were a few of the holiday homes occupied of course and a few brave kids playing in the water.

Most of Christchurch will be away for the long weekend or at Hagley Park for the Band Together concert – a free event starring 33 of NZs best performers as a special gift to the people of Canterbury after the big quake. It is expected to be the biggest free concert ever in NZ, but the predicted 120,000 attendees is too big a number for me to cope with!!

A peaceful coffee and wander along the beach was a much better option 🙂

Edit – in response to a comment – DEFINITELY DO NOT PUT THE VASELINE ON YOUR LENS as you won’t be able to get it off = ruined lens!! Put it on uv filter and screw onto lens ….. or as we did today smear vaseline on a piece of glass which has been cut into a square and the edges smoothed. Can put the vaseline into circle or straight line with gap between or smear gently over the whole area – lots of different effects and it can catch the light beautifully, Using a separate filter or piece of glass means that it can be washed well in hot soapy water to remove the vaseline.