I met pcc and hpx in the city today to see this creative decoration on one of our post earthquake restoration projects. These are on a steel frame supporting the tower of the Octagen restaurant near Cathedral Square. The building was originally a church – hence the bell tower ………. the steel frame is protecting stone masons working inside the tower, which will take up to a year to restore.

The restaurant owners decided they didn’t like the depressing structure at their front door so have decorated it to cheer up themselves and passing pedestrians. The Restaurant only re-opened this month so good luck to them for excellent trading over the next year, and congrats for thinking outside the square.

The mannequins represent some of the adventure activities in Canterbury – upside down biking, kayaking and bungy jumping ………….I haven’t seen any bikers riding this way on our hills, but apparently this one was too heavy to stay upright on the beam. Must have eaten too many hearty meals in the restaurant!!.