I am attending a weekend workshop called “Making Better Images” which is being presented by a team of four who have spent an enormous amount of time preparing this new teaching idea for photographers.

Today they stressed the importance of practising techniques, so when we take a photo we can instinctively see the elements which create a good composition. We studied shapes, lines, texture, colour and light today, and tomorrow we learn about design, and personal perspective (why we are taking the image).

My blip today isn’t really a photo – it is a combination of two practise shots of light reflecting off the same building. The top blocks have front lighting and the lower ones have side lighting. The difference in texture in these two shots is a very simple example of the effect light direction has on an image.

This practise sounds boring, but it was amazing how quickly time went by when engrossed in taking one object many different ways ……. and how much I learnt from a simple experiment.

One of the analogies used today was sport ……….. e.g. rugby – where scrums, kick, lineouts, etc. have to be practised separately, and then they are brought together for (hopefully) a good result on game day. Makes a lot of sense to me 🙂