Not a good quality photo unfortunately, but this is a very special one for us.

Mum has been in dementia care for 5 years, and often she is very weak and we wonder if she will be with us for much longer. She can’t walk now and mostly struggles to talk, however the past few days she has been so bright and alert she has been a delight. The twinkle in her eye has returned along with her mischievous sense of humour, and we have had many laughs with her this week.

It was the home Christmas party tonight and she loved it. There were lots of people and activities for her to watch and of course party treats. Normally she can only eat soft mashed food, but tonight the little mince pies and the lamingtons were a favourite ……….. and she was delighted when Santa arrived with his basket of chocolates.

I know this won’t last but it is wonderful to see her so cheerful and cheeky – even if it’s only for a short time. These are the very special moments that we need to cherish and remember in the future.