Docked in Santos today – a very delapidated city which was once a magnificent Portugese settlement. The beautiful european style buildings in the old city have not been maintained or restored and now look very sad and neglected. Probably made worse as it was Christmas Day and there were no people about …………

…….. but in the slums across from our berth there was a party going on 🙂 Loud music blaring from speakers all day, sounds of fun and laughter drifting over the water, many many kites flying (must have been the favourite xmas present), kids swimming and playing in the polluted water, and even a bird diving and catching a silvery fish its dinner.

We did go to the newer area of the city where there are a lot of apartment blocks lining the long beach front, but couldn’t be tempted to swim as the water is very brown and polluted – no wonder with all the ??? from the many many slum areas going straight into the river!!!

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