Montevideo is at the mouth of the river Plate, and with a wind blowing and the sea meeting the river it was very choppy. No worries for us on the ship, but a rough ride and tricky transfer getting the pilot back to his launch.

The river is 220 km wide at the mouth and we had to travel out of the river to the open sea, then cross the river and travel back up dredged canals in the river to get to Buenos Aires.

Montevideo was a great city, but being New Years Eve the locals were partying in the streets so was fairly rugged later in the day. They have a couple of unfamiliar traditions. One is to tear the pages out of their diaries and throw them out the office windows to blow about in the steets below, and the other is to shake bottles of beer or water and a fizzing agent (not sure what but it stank) and then squirt everyone in the street ……… or to throw buckets of water out of the apartment windows 3 or 4 storeys up. A very wet New Years Eve but at least it was warm and we dried quickly, although had to keep a wary eye out for opportunist pickpockets who were lurking in the side streets hoping to make a gain from anyone taking a detour from the water fights!!

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