After a year in the house, it’s time for this to go for good.

This is the before shot. More will follow over the next few months.

This bathroom has had pretty much nothing done since we moved in, just a little bit of silicone touch ups.

On that note, I had a flash back today

As I had my head tucked into a corner of the car, fixing a leak in the convertible, I had to smile to myself

It seems like only yesterday that my brother taught me how to use silicone. I think that same day I also learnt a number of new swear words.

I used plenty of those words today.

It’s taken me years to work out how my brother managed to use silicone without getting it everywhere

Somewhere in the back of my brain, I remembered the key,

Start with lots of rags waiting in advance.

And with that lesson learnt, my brothers influence has fixed yet another car.

Not to mention how it helped keep our bathroom watertight for the last year!