It was like walking through a zombie movie

Shops, with entire walls missing. The stock inside untouched like the humans have just been wiped out.

Buildings with no front wall showing a window into the life that went on inside.

Shoe boxes stacked in racks in a shoe shop storeroom

A desk covered in paper work abandoned in a 3 walled office.

We went for a drive through the city to explore

Arriving at the cordon, it was busy, but eerily quiet.

The street damage, while bad, was pretty much as I expected, as was the shop damage,

but the sheer scale of the job ahead was humbling

What did catch me by surprise was the number of large buildings that appear on a lean, or sunk in the middle.

There are a number of the big buildings which look like they will have to come down

The army guys on the cordon said they have been given the expectation that volunteers will be need until October to staff the cordon

Having seen the clean up job ahead, there is a lot to be done for October.