I caught up with my old boss,

no, hang on, that doesn’t feel right. Lets start again.

I caught up with an old friend today,

It was great to see him again (and well over due).

One of the first things he mentioned was these photos I post

I was surprised!

It’s easy to forget how many people keep an eye on them.

I’ve been feeling guilty recently,

Ever since my new job 6 months ago, the photo quality has taken a slide

I’m not sure why. I suppose being busy is an excuse I chose to accept for a while

I’ve been in a rut, and I’ve known it. A week ago I decided to fix it by making the effort, but the results have been mixed.

And so today,

the small reminder that a number of people keep an eye on these photos came at a welcome time.

It was just the kick I needed to get back out the door tonight and into the windy rain for something moody.

Sometimes the smallest things act as a much needed reminder.