Highland games in Tobermory today, so after the pipe band paraded through this delightful little village we all set off up the hill where there was action aplenty with pipers and dancers and, the main attractions for us, caber toss, stone putt, highland hammer throw, weight throw and weight over the bar. All very entertaining 🙂

However, being a competitive family, the kilt race was a must for the guys – the only rule was a runner still had to be wearing his kilt at the end of the race, and a kilt could be any piece of fabric wrapped around the body. Having a scottish daughter-in-law meant that the kiwis were kitted out in full kilt regalia for the day …. however the sporrans and pins were removed for the big race.

Some of the local lads were excellent athletes and had been competing in events during the day, but that wasn’t going to stop our guys. The young laddie on the right of this pic was the winner, the foot behind his knee belongs to our youngest son s2, our eldest son is rescuing his glasses, and gd is coming up the rear …………… but maybe he won the veterans prize!! Our middle son decided that he needed to be the photographer – very wise.