Actually you know what;

looking at my ‘one year ago’ 3-year blip, one thing is pretty clear,

this year has been a good year.

Back to health, both in jobs we love, house almost finished, our first trip home to NZ.

Life is pretty good right now.

Thanks S1.

Who would have thought I might be here 4 years on?

** For a start, when we moved to the UK 4 years ago I don’t think we really expected to be here 4 years on.

** and a few months on when I started blipping, I really never suspected I’d be here 4 years on.

Amazingly, one of the things I love most about this blip habit is the shots I don’t get.

You know the moments I mean…

Brief glimpses of magic

no chance to get the camera,

but just enough time to think ‘that would be a lovely blip’.

I think I like those moments so much as they are a reminder,

4 years of daily blips simply seems to change the things you notice and encourages me to take those little pieces of time to stop and enjoy them.

Huge thanks to Joe and G and the blipfoto crew. The improvements you have made to the site over the last 4 years are exceptionally well planned and executed. You have built something very special here with a very special community.

Roll on 1500.