One year ago our lives were changed in an instant, and now – slowly but surely – we are accepting the ‘new normal’ of life in an earthquake zone.

To commemorate the anniversary, two spotlights shine from Cathedral Square as symbols of hope for the future. They will be turned on each night until 23 February – the day after the horrendous quake which killed 181 people and devastated our city.

The centre of our city (including the spotlights area and the tall buildings to the right) has become a barricaded, inaccessible, uninhabited ‘red zone’ that we all skirt around. The aim of the lights is to encourage us to look back in and to see that our light still shines and our heart still beats.

It has been a very tough year, and there will be many tough times ahead, but there is hope, we will recover, and all will be okay.