Tonight was a very special night,

I managed to score some exclusive tickets to visit the McLaren technology centre

Being a car loving geek, I have an absolute blast.

Wind tunnels, all of the championship McLarens, Pit Stop tyre changes and carbon fibre components up close.

All topped off by Lewis arriving in his 2008 F1 championship car (actually, tonight will be the last time he gets to drive that car as it will now be parked up).

One of the unexpected highlights, all of the McLarens have a small picture of a kiwi on them.

The early cars, it’s a traditional kiwi

then on the Dennis Hulme cars it becomes more stylised

and even more so on the next generation

taking a slow transition to the modern styalised red kiwi on the logo

And just as that reminded us of home, S1 noticed something surprising.

Tucked into the corner by the entrance was Bruce Mclarens first race car in which he won his first race at age 15.

And in the corner of the dash, a perfectly preserved 1968 WoF (MOT in the UK) certificate.

That little car is an amazing piece of Kiwi history.