On mornings like this, a quick blip in the countryside is a luxury of living where we do;

although, it’s fair to say, living 1/2 way around the world from parents and extended family isn’t always easy.

If I’m 100% honest, I’m a little nervous about how hard it might become…

For those we haven’t told yet, S1 and I have a little one on the way. A little ‘s’.

We are soooo excited!

It’s been a decision we have been stuck on for a while. Not because we wanted to stall, but because it involved some big decisions.

Being 24 hours and a £3K pair of flights from ‘home’ really makes you think about whats important in life.

If we stay here, we give up family support and we deprive our parents of a certain level of involvement.

However to move home now, we would give up so much of our lives and what we love about living in Europe.

I think in the end the decision wasn’t hard to make.

We know it wont be easy, but I think one of our own whanau summed it up when they said ‘make the decision which makes you excited and nervous’.

This is definitely making me a bit nervous,

but also very very excited.

S1 and I have always made it though things together. I know she’ll need my support on this one. But the reality is, we have been together so long I struggle to remember any big life challenges without her support.

Together, I know we’ll make this challenge the best one yet!