Our neighbour is 80years old

A very bright and enthusiastic 80 year old

An extremely positive lady and a wonderful neighbour

But at the moment she is living in a rented house

She loves her garden

And has restored her rented garden

From overgrown shrubs and weeds

To a happy place full flowers and vegetables

She returns to her own home every week

To keep that garden tidy

Because the passerbys don’t want to see a mess

And because she loves to work amongst her beautiful flowers

Our neighbour’s house is to be demolished.

It is very delapidated and unsafe to enter

It looks so sad,with no windows

A twisted roof, damaged bricks and a collapsed sunroom.

But I am amazed at how positive Moira is, saying

“Something good always comes out of bad

Through all my troubles in life I have been better off in the end”

We all hope that happens for her one day soon

Meantime these cineraras are for Moira, self seeded under the rhododendrons and roses. She was in the garden today and so proud of the beautiful display, and we are delighted to be able to share her pleasure.

Thank you Moira 🙂