I’m a geek. But more specifically, I’m a data geek.

What to I mean by that? I mean I love data. I love trends, patterns and forecasts. I also love finding surprises.

At uni I was taught “The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”.

I agree, but believe it’s only half of the story.

For me, the best influence on your future behaviour is your past behaviour.

If you don’t know what you have been doing, how do you know what to improve?

So I track everything. This is my sleep data from last night as an example.

At work I pulled up my laptop usage, my boss is a data geek as well so he was fascinated

– I [waste] 32% of my work time in email!

– I’ve spent 1% of this year in a chat window to one of my team mates.

– Our sales system, Excel and Powerpoint take up a depressing 40% of my time!

– One single customer bid has taken up 0.6% of my work life, but not yet delivered any value…

– Interesting, my internet usage spikes considerably when I’m between projects I’m enjoying. In fact, these days I’ve worked out that if I monitor that for a week I can get a clue that changes need to be made to find more fun exciting work.

It’s fascinating reading to see what I’m loosing time on and whats delivering results.

The data doesn’t lie (even if it occasionally holds some surprises which I didn’t want to find)