some days my blip entry is a photo I am proud of

and often I have spent a lot of time creating the image I want

other days my blip is a quick click and post

sometimes I am happy with the image, but sometimes it is just ok

but some days the quality of the image is irrelevant

the important thing is that it is a record of my day

on those day my blip can be a record of an important event or occasion

or an emotional blip invoked by special memories or emotions

whatever the blip, I do enjoy making a daily record of my life

and I enjoy looking back as each blip comes with its own special memory.

Today I took molly to run in the park at the back of the showgrounds, and in the distance could see a lot of horses. As we walked closer I realised there was a polo match in progress, and that brought back delightful memories of a fabulous family day at the polo in England .

I was quite distance away, and only had a little point and shoot with very little zoom. However the quality of the image is irrelevant to me today, as this a record of happy memories 🙂