Why is it that when you play golf well enough to win a prize, the prize is usually something you would never never ever buy??

However that is one of the pleasures of a bach (holiday home) – it can be filled with “treasures” that have special significance, but you don’t really want to keep at home – although we have to be careful that it doesn’t become a ‘dumping ground’ of unwanted clutter.

However gd was delighted with his prize in the New Year tournament at hanmer, especially as he is a horse fanatic, so it is now proudly displayed on our bach roof, and has caused endless debate as to whether or not it is working properly. How do we know?? It always seems to be pointing in a different direction from the way the trees are bending!!

But no matter what way it was pointing it must have been very busy during the night as it blew a gale here, and seemed to be hitting us from all directions. Molly is a bit stressed today and is sticking very close to us. I wonder if the noise of the wind coming through the trees in the forest sounds like an earthquake approaching.