It is my dear wee mum’s birthday today – but sadly she doesn’t know what a birthday is.

She is a very gentle little lady and never complains or causes problems. The staff in the dementia hospital where she lives are wonderfully caring and adore her and her “sparkling eyes”.

Generally she is happy and often smiles and giggles when something appeals to her. Eventhough she was a bit subdued today I am happy with this birthday pic of her.

This is not the way she would choose to spend the last years of her rich and satisfying life. She has virtually no memory, no co-ordination to use her arms or legs, can’t assemble her words into a sentence, and is totally dependent on others for her care, but the only medication she takes is half an aspirin a day.

We are lucky to live nearby and we can spend time with her each day and enjoy the smile and sparkle in her eye when we mention something she recognises ………… and she still loves sweet treats so enjoyed a few chocolates on her birthday :-

Happy 88th birthday Mum