We had the most amazing day!

For Christmas S1 purchased a Hunting day at Fallowfields Falconry. The team there did an amazing job.

I don’t really have words to describe how amazing it was. Highly reccomended.

For years I’ve loved birds of prey, so when we moved to the UK S1 said I could go on a Falconry visit given they aren’t really possible in NZ.

So, rather than your normal ‘day with birds’ she managed to find a hunting day for us both. It was simply amazing.

We spent the morning out in the fields hunting prey with Ruby and Jesabelle the Harris Hawks. S1 also took a fancy to our hunting companion Cinnamon the Ferret.

I know plenty of people have a problem with hunting, but this was as close to being in the wild as it gets (in fact the wild Buzzards circling were looking for the same prey!). However, as with all fishing or hunting, it was more about the sport than the result. Believe it or not, the little rabbit above got away as did most of his friends that we spotted.

We did score 1 rabbit from the hunt. As with all hunting nothing should go to waste, so we brought it home and butchered it for tomorrow nights dinner.

The birds themselves were amazing. I was surprised at just how much of an individual personality each bird had (even birds of the same breed). I often think of cats and dogs (and pets in general) having an individual personality, yet for some reason it caught me by surprised that these birds of prey had the same.

It was an enlightening day. A real special treat.

S1 – you are simply amazing!