For the first time in a long while, I felt really home sick.

I sat in a noisy office today, just a couple of team mates around me, and I took 2 minutes silence to think of home.

It’s 12 months since the Christchurch quake hit.

It’s had been on my mind all day. I just needed the 2 min to myself to work through my thoughts.

It may have dropped out of the media 11 months ago, but the story and saga continue. The city is still in clean up. Buildings are still coming down. Where I grew up with bustling streets and cafes, there is now just acres of gravel ‘car parks’.

In short, today I wanted to be back home.

I just wanted to hug my mum and dad and tell them both how wonderful they are.

I wanted to see their smiles.

I just wanted to not be so far away.

I then grabbed a 2min coffee with a friend at work. It was just what I needed to get my bounce back (thanks Cat!).

I’ll call home tomorrow,

when I’m really bouncy again.