Day 11:

Most days my positive experience has been an event. Today it’s a lot more straight forward.

I left 15min late this morning at 7.15ish. There was a remarkable difference, it was daylight.

And at the end of the day, also working late, roll on 7pm… and it was still daylight again.

I love the first day of spring where that happens at both ends of the day.

Today I’m grateful for:

– Our blue fish is still alive. We had temp and acidity issues the last couple of days and I thought he was a goner overnight – but instead he’s now looking a lot happier again..

– Craft time. S1 doesn’t mind if I have something spread across the living room floor. Tonight it’s my tree painting again, but it could be anything from old computer parts through to crayons. I’m so thankful S1 is happy to let me puddle like that.

– Berocca. I needed that bounce today after not sleeping the best the last few nights.