Day 13:

My positive experience for today is easy. After work we popped around to see friends.

3 generations in one house.

The night started with the youngest, running laps around their house with her balanced on my arms like a flying unicorn…

and then, onto the adult business of plenty of laughs and food.

Top night thanks guys!

Today I’m grateful for:

– When my stress built up for me today, my work mates patted me on the back, made me a coffee and promised me a beer. While I spend my life trying to be self sufficient, it makes a world of difference to know support is there when needed.

– A pint after work on a Friday. It’s a luxury which I simply take for granted.

– My swiss ball at work. I sit on it all day long, and have done for so long now that I forget. I love how comfortable and practical it is.