By popular demand, here is a shot of the nursery following the finishing touches on the weekend.

Having a bit of a stressful day today, but I got a few texts from S1 as she was off today (she is down to 4 day weeks from here on in) which made me smile.

We don’t normally text much, normally we are both on email in the office so we contact each other that way. It was nice to get texts on her day off.

I got home to find her day off was anything but as she’s re-organised half the kitchen… She just doesn’t know what relaxing is!

Today I’m grateful for:

– having a big juicy project on the go at work. This week I’m a bit stressed about it, but I’d always prefer to have too much to do than not enough.

– S1 had a doctors check up today… Bump is doing all good!

– Pencils and unlined paper. It sounds crazy, but I love pencils and a blank sheet of white paper to get the brain going.