At 8:00 am this morning, my amazing wife S1 gave birth to this little guy.

You can call him CJ.

Despite a long sleepless night, he arrived in good health, weighing in at 3.4KG (7lb 8oz).

I’ll never forget that first moment when he appeared in the world.

S1 had had a hard time, so not long after birth she handed him to me while she was sorted out.

I held him against my skin, unable to take my eyes off him.

Instantly there was a change in my life.

I started this day with the welfare of one person being my top priority,

and then suddenly there was two.

I sat with them both all day as long. But by 5 the sleep deprivation meant I had to head home. Having watched over them as they both slept today, it was suddenly my turn to get some rest.

Leaving the two of them at hospital was one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever had to do.

Yet I still have a smile on my face knowing this is how I left them.

Welcome to the world CJ.

Welcome into our hearts.