Someone asked my name today and I hesitated.

Sure I think I know who I am, but given where I was, things just didn’t seem to fit with my normal reality.

This was clearly someone else’s life.

When I met S1 15 years ago, I don’t think for a second we would have ever thought that in 2012 we would have a house, an 11 week old, living in England and going to the Olympics.


At 11 weeks old to the day, we left CJ with my wonderful brother and sister-in-law to look after.

Our day then took a turn for the surreal.

Off to the Olympic park for a look around for a few hours, successfully dodging all the rain.

Then in doors for a champagne reception, Escala playing live and Murray’s gold on the TV’s around the walls.

Silver service meal, and then into the Olympic stadium to find our seats.

They were better than anything we could have ever imagined. 6 rows back, just short of halfway up the 100m sprint track.

And then settle in to watch events unfold.

A full session of track and field, ending with the greatest show on earth, the 100m finals.

8 of the fastest men ever assembled.

0.05s slower than the world record pace and PB’s for 2nd and 3rd.

I can’t believe we were here, so close to such superstars

And then it was a mad dash home again to pick up CJ as early as possible