Beautiful spring day so a good chance for mollyanme to take a walk around the red zone north of the square ……….. wanted to check what’s gone (a lot) and what’s still there (not much) .

Hence a record blip today of some of the empty spaces I saw – better ENLARGED.

top left – Manchester St from Armagh St corner looking south

lower left – Colombo St from Peterborough St corner looking toward Manchester & Kilmore Sts

upper right – Town Hall and a space which used to be the Crowne Plaza/ParkRoyal looking through to Victoria Square from Kilmore Durham St corner

lower right – Radio Network building after implosion in Gloucester St, but there is no Grand Chancellor in the background, and the Westpac building is almost gone.

This June 2012 map shows the central city buildings that have been seriously affected by the earthquakes. The number of buildings actually demolished is significantly more than what this map shows.