We left NZ 5 years ago as two intrepid travelers

we have arrived here today as a family.

If I had 5 blips to sum up my story of the last half decade, these would be them.

Just to be clear, these aren’t the best photos. Nor the best words. This is my life in the uk, all summed up by 5 short days.

leap of faith my winter girl man down what would I give? moments you never forget

I’m amazed how much can happen in 5 years.

I’m inspired by where we will be in another 5.

Looking though 1800 days I have to smile. It’s an amazing world.

But it makes me realise;

There’s no point living in the past, or worrying about the future.

So much changes in such short time frames that life is best enjoyed by focusing on living in the right now.

For me, right now, CJ is upstairs, drifting off to sleep.

S1 isn’t far behind him with her head on her pillow up stairs.

And me, I’m going to go join them.

Cuddle in close and just dream.

I love being a dad. I love being a husband. I love my wife and our son (and I even love our cat).

All in all, life at the moment.