I hate my first reaction. In fact, I felt rather guilty about it.

You see, last night, I brought something on eBay

but, this morning, after I’d paid, I got an email from the seller.

“Item will be delayed, my husband was in a truck crash and is currently in a coma”.

My initial reaction was “internet scam”. These sorts of wild claims come up far to often on the internet.

But, a quick search revealed it may have some truth. Some more digging and the horrific news headlines hit home that it was indeed true.

I hate that my first reaction was so cynical for something as devastating on another persons life as this.

I read the email to a few colleagues. The majority of 4 took it at face value, only one reacted the way I had.

I hit reply and told her not to worry about a simple auction. Focus on the people who need her and on getting through. I genuinely meant it.

But it’s been playing on my mind. It was a horrible first reaction to have. Do I need to be less cynical about the world? Should I trust people on the internet more like I would real people in the real world?

Either way, tonight my thoughts are with my eBay lady and her family.