When things are on your door step, it’s easy to put them off.

When we left NZ 5 years ago, there were still some things we had never done.

We were young, poor, and any other excuse you would like, but the fact remains if you don’t make the effort you’ll never do them.

On our trip home, we left CJ with the grandparents for a night, and headed off to do the Trans Alpine Express to Greymouth for a night.

I loved it. Standing on the open air rail platform, zipping through the empty picturesque countryside. Beautiful and breathtaking.

So, what’s on your doorstep which you have never done? Do it before, for whatever reason, it’s too late.

To give you some inspiration, this year, we are going to see the puffins off the coast of Wales. We have missed it the last two years so this year is a must.


Trans Alpine Express

Scenic Train Journey between Christchurch and Greymouth

Recommended things to do in Greymouth:

– Visit the Monteiths Brewery

– Shop for some hand carved Greenstone

– Shantytown might be worth a visit (haven’t been there for years though)