We were on the train, stopping at the top of Arthurs Pass,

As the train pulled up, a cheeky face appeared beside us

No doubt, looking for food, and smart enough to know the train comes through every day.

The American tourists beside us asked what sort of bird it was, the best I could manage was ‘a native New Zealand parrot’. I think they though I was kidding.

The Kia is actually the worlds only alpine parrot

and they are notorious for mischief

hyped up on human food, they will try all sorts of tricks and games

most famously, they are known to pull the rubber sealing out of trampers/skiers car windows with their powerful beaks. That often leads to the window pane popping out, allowing the Kia to continue the mischief inside the car.

But putting that aside, they are beautiful, intelligent and very iconic South Island New Zealand.