I got in the car tonight at 7.30

Much later than I wanted, but flooding, wet weather and accidents had left me stranded. No point in driving home when the roads aren’t moving!

But as I got into the car, I realised it had finally happen. Tonight I wouldn’t make it home for CJs bedtime.

It’s been 6months which has been a great run, but it was always going to happen eventually.

Yet still, I was disappointed.

That was, until 3/4 of the way home when suddenly 4 ambulances and a police truck flew past me in turn.

I quickly realised, CJ will still be there for me tomorrow, and the next day. Being late for a night is a first which won’t change my life.

When I got home, I snuck upstairs and gave him a kiss,

And then turned my attention and love to a troublesome cat who was ever so grateful.

Many of our friend have lost interest in their pets for 9-12 months when they have kids… Yet we love Pixel as much as ever,

Doubly so now that it’s winter so she spends the nights on our bed where it’s warm.