Over the past few weeks there have been two puzzles in our house:

1. when I load my photos to blip they change from a clear colourful image in lightroom & photoshop to a dull greyish blue in blipfoto

2. gd has lost a pair of jeans – the last time he had them was in Franz Joseph in November and was beginning to wonder if B had mistakenly packed them and taken them back to England (not that they would fit B)

Strangely we solved both puzzles today:

1. when I checked with my ‘advisor’ the answer was very simple for him. Tx S2 – it did take me a while to work out how to fix it, but I am now saving my images in sRGB again – instead of prophoto RGB 🙂

2. when it rained today I had to finish off a bit of washing in the dryer ………. hey presto …………… there were 2 pair of jeans and a pair of shorts. Are you missing some clothes B?? Obviously we washed when we were in Hanmer and forgot to take the last of it out of the dryer!! Your clothes will be in the post as they definitely don’t fit anyone here 🙂

And weather-wise it was a verystrange day:

hot, cold, wet, dry, sunny, stormy, windy, calm

………… and every half hour throughout the day the combination would change.

Odd …………but I had plenty to keep me busy tracing my workflow, fixing the problem, resaving all my December photos to sRGB, and reloading the most recent ones into blip!!