We headed over to Wales for the weekend to see some ‘long lost’ family, S1’s grandmothers brother (or her fathers uncle, if that’s easier to understand).

He’s lived in the UK his life, whereas 46 years ago his sister moved out to NZ with her 4 young boys.

He lost what was clearly a close bond with his sister, as back then the distance then was just too great (6 weeks on a boat for even mail to get through).

But, today, the family link was obvious.

Despite having never really met them before, they took us in for a coupld of nights and we had a great time.

The conversation flowed freely, like they were family we had always known, plenty of laughs, smiles and memories.

CJ missed meeting his brave great-grandmother who came over from the UK all those years ago, but today he met a part of her;

the same calm determination, the perceptive mind, willingness to share a smile and the generosity.

Oh, and you can’t forget that iconic grey hair.