Sometimes in life you meet people you instantly warm too,

Sometimes you meet people you admire,

Sometimes people surprise you with unexpected generosity.

This lovely lady ticks all of these boxes.

I was a little nervous about going to stay with people with CJ around.

I needed have been,

Not only were they just wonderful to stay with,

this lady was simply amazing with CJ.

There was no worries about what CJ might get into, it was all about what he could find and explore.

Pots and pans were tipped out of the cupboard for him to explore.

Wooden spoons and pastry brushes for him to feel.

A toy box tipped out full of surprises.

And she played with him until the sound of giggles filled the house.

We even received toys for him to bring home (fireman Sam has been racing around our kitchen since!)

I aspire to be half as good as her when children come to visit.