CJ was super excited today and wanted to give me a Happy Mothers Day smile, so he woke extra early. Luckily S2 decided he would take the early shift and let me (and the rest of the house) have a small sleep in, so after a quick smile and giggle, CJ was taken down stairs for breakfast. It wasn’t long before he was back and this time armed with a very special present – the complete works of Winnie the Pooh.

After a leisurely breakfast we said good-bye to A&C and headed home. CJ was amazing on the return journey, sleeping for the first half and then playing happily in his car seat for the next half. It was only in the last 30 mins that he started getting very restless – until I saved the day with a straw! Who knew that a simple straw could be so interesting – it kept him amused until we got home!

Although, I shouldn’t be surprised that he was fascinated by the straw, he is like a sponge at the moment, trying to absorb and process everything new! He really has grown into a little boy and is no longer my little newborn.