Glorious calm warm day so late afternoon we went for a wander through the central city. Haven’t been in there for months so there are a few changes. Still many buildings to come down, but a few new buildings are starting to appear.

Top right is the new cardboard cathedral (a temporary replacement for the cathedral), and lower left is the Theatre Royal – the right hand side of the image is the original facade and on the left side is the stage and orchestra pit, and the centre gap was the auditorium and foyer. This section is being rebuilt to replicate the original Edwardian theatre using many of the key heritage structures which were retrieved after the quakes.

Top left shows the Ferrier fountains outside the town hall. The steps behind the fountains have slumped badly and it is not yet know if the Town Hall can be saved. It was quiet bizarre to walk across the site of the old Crown Plaza (formerly Park Royal) and through where the main entrance used to be, out to the paved area and floral clock, and through Victoria Square where there seems to be very little damage. It definitely felt good to be able to wander through a familiar leafy green space with tidy lawns, immaculate flower beds, statues still in place.

The final photo is a pic of gd and molly playing in the autumn leaves in Victoria Square – a little bit of normality in a chaotic city 🙂

EDIT – Nothing to do with earthquake recover but I just found this – Christchurch’s Perfect Grid 🙂