CJ loves remotes. He will drop everything (including favourite toys) and climb mountains to get to one! So we decided to give him his own remote (one of our old ones) but this is clearly not good enough as we don’t use it.

As a reward for being such a good boy during the long drive and sight sighting today, we let CJ use the remote in the hotel room. He clearly knows it is meant to do something to the tv, but still isn’t quiet sure what – but he is determined to learn!

Today we had a much needed good day after the last 10 days of at least one of us being sick. As we were all well we decided to go on a mini break to Manchester (to use the hotel we had booked for the return leg of Scotland trip we had to cancel due to us being sick)!

On the way up we went to the Derwent Valley Mills – a world heritage site. It was amazing to see how these cotton factories were created and developed in the 18th/19th centuries! We even got the added bonus of snow storms to help us imagine the conditions at the factory in winter!