Walked through the city today – along Worcestor Boulevard to Cathedral Square, up to Victoria Park, down to Tuam St via High St, along Cashel Mall and Hereford St for coffee at Robert Harris, then back through the gardens to the car.

The city is looking tidier than last time I was there. The red zone barriers have been removed, although there are fenced off areas – some for demolitions which are still continuing, and some where buildings are being rebuilt or land is being prepared for redevelopment.

I took this photo from Cathedral Square beside The Chalice, looking towards Oxford Terrace. The old Post Office and Telecom building are on the left, and Rydes Hotel and car park are in the centre………….. but no aquarium, no Regent Theatre, no Clarendon Towers, no Grant Thornton building, no HSBC or Brannigans buildings, no tourist or souvenir shops, and no Chancery Lane ……………. just a lot of space!!!