One of my best friends in all the world is moving on.

They are moving back to New Zealand next month. I’ll miss them dearly.

I first met J almost a decade ago where we worked together, quite literally half a world away from here.

A rivalry and friendship developed which lasts to this day. More than anyone else in the world, J has the right to cry ‘beaten by a girl’ and laugh at my expense.

6 1/2 years ago we had to say goodbye as S1 and I left NZ. That was tough. But little did I know that months later J would appear in the UK herself.

It’s been amazing to watch her life change completely since she’s been here. She fell in love with one of the most amazing people I know. They make one of the best couples I’ve ever met. Then along came their little blond haired sweetheart.

And now, they are off on a new adventure, and so are we.

I can’t wait to see them off on this new adventure, but I’ll be very sad to see the day.

Good luck to you guys!