I’ve been burning the candle at both ends a bit on the work front.

I’m trying to get stuff finished up in my ‘old’ job, then coming home and starting to work though things for my new one.

I’m a massive geek, so I actually track all of my time for productivity. Scarily, for the last while I’ve been clocking up 14 hours screen time when it’s all totaled up.

That leaves just enough space for 70 minutes commuting, 20 minutes eating, 6-7 hrs sleeping, and the remaining 90 minutes is reserved for the most important thing in the world…

I have the luxury of flexible time which I can set my own work life balance.

That means, no matter how busy it’s been, each night I make it home in time to play with CJ.

Possibly a game or playtime, or a shower/bath time, maybe even his favourite TV show, and then help put him to bed.

I love that time of day.