After a night of shenanigans a few weeks ago, the team decided it was only right for a civilised dinner to say goodbye.

I’m going to miss each and every one of these faces for all sorts of reasons. I’m scared that in years to come I might forget the lessons I have learnt from them all.

Vickie’s strength and determination

Kelly’s mix of intelligence and passion for people

Sophie’s always ready to make stuff happen and has the vision and drive to do anything.

Anita’s eagerness to learn and global exposure

Carson’s level head and cool sense of humour

Pantelis is just one of the most helpful people I know

Victor, a geek with a personality, so refreshing

Richard’s smile and amazing depth of knowledge

Matt has been an amazing friend, always full of advice, laughs and a pint or two

Andrew has helped me along the way, given me enough rope to play and support to succeed

Cat is the opposite of me, and I’m so much better for having had her insight and guidance

Gema’s passion is infectious, her clarity of longer term vision is inspiring.

And behind the camera, Sams’s cocky outlook mixed with a genuine concern for people, his drive for success and his positive attitude will take him a long way.

I wish them all the best wherever they go in life. I like to think we’ll keep in touch for many years yet.