Today is the day… We are moving out of our little house and are heading to Edinburgh.

We have lived in the same town (and street) for the 6 1/2 years that we have been in the UK. Our little house has helped us achieve a lot and we will miss it – but it’s time for us to move to a new challenge.

So we were up early to start packing the van and doing a final tidy.

But from there things didn’t really go to plan… Helpers falling ill, our gear not fitting in the truck, running behind time – all those normal “moving home” things.

But CJ had fun helping, we had some great helpers who made the day easier, and we were excited about the challenges ahead.

S2 and Pixel headed off first. We grabbed a quick final photo in front of our house – it’s not a great photo but we were so busy we didn’t get a chance to get another.

CJ and I followed a few hours later. But first we had say goodbye to N&A&C&O. CJ was leaving C his police car, so they completed the official hand over and then it was time for us to hit the road.

Unlike S2 we were only going half way and had booked a hotel for the night. CJ was excellent and didn’t cause any problems for me. He seemed to know that he needed to be on good behaviour for the car journey and the hotel stay.

It was straight to bed when we finally got there, as tomorrow was going to be another long day.