6 1/2 years we have lived in our little village.

But we are on the move again. Another country, another big change.

CJ won’t understand for many years, by then he’ll have a Scottish accent.

Today was a day of planned precision, we’ll almost…

Less than 1/2 of the helpers I had lined up could make it due to the worst of experiences.

Pixel went off to be sedated at 11.20.

I was meant to be on the road at 12, but were running 40min late.

Mainly because, it didn’t all fit in the truck.

I was a broken man when I realised it wasn’t all going to fit.

In saying that, it’s mainly going to just cost time. Which we have.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. We knew it would be tight, but if we didn’t have a backup plan we would have paid someone to do it.

In saying that, I’ll be glad once the last mercy dash is complete.