What a busy day.

CJ and I spent the morning unpacking boxes and trying to get things in order.

Around lunch time S2 arrived back from his extra trip back to our old house to get the rest of our belongings – luckily everything fitted into the van (with space to spare).

After unloading everything we then all headed to ikea to buy furniture for the new house. Although we knew roughly what we wanted we didn’t know exact models – poor S2 coped amazingly well after his long couple of days driving as we wondered around his least favourite place in search of what we were looking for. CJ, still not feeling 100% had a snooze in his buggy.

Then after unloading the van load of flat-pack boxes, we headed off to return the hire van, only to get caught in rush hour traffic! Rather then return home in the same traffic we stopped at the pub next to the van rental.

CJ, glad to be free of the car (although he had been really well behaved) loved coping what S2 was doing and together they decide on what we should have for dinner.

It was then home for an early night!