Today I broke out the BBQ, rebuilt it and fired it up for some slow cooked sticky honey pork belly.

CJ and I were feeling mightily pleased with ourselves over the effort, so S1 went to take a photo or two…

and then suddenly there was a commotion next door.

3 or 4 guys came careering over the neighbours fence (in plain sight of us).

In the distance a house alarm had been going off, but it was a distance away so you never pay much notice.

They shot down the driveway and were gone.

We called the police, they turned up. Oddly the message they had been given was a burglar was trapped in the backyard… most concerningly, given that was the message, it took them 20min to turn up?

Having just moved into the street it was very unnerving. I ended up knocking on the neighbours door and she was very reassuring.

They had already been talking about ‘oh that poor couple next door, just moved in and now this’. She assured me that in the 20 years she’s lived here the last burglary was 15 years ago and it’s a really safe area.


And back to the BBQ to finish off the glazing to relax.